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Did you know? You've got talent! And there are as many opportunities to serve as there are talents and abilities. Please consider "stepping up" to serve in one of the ministries described below

~ because your gift of service really makes a difference.

Welcome Ministry

Leader: Stefanie McNeil

Do you love meeting and connecting with new people? Then Welcome Ministry might be for you. Serving in this ministry might mean giving a warm greeting at the front doors, answering questions at the Welcome Desk in the foyer or simply seeking to have friendly conversations with new people.

Worship, Music & Media

Leader: Josh Kahle

If you are a member of Redeemer Alliance Church, have musical talents or technical abilities and a desire to use your gifts for God's glory, then serving in our Worship Ministry may be for you. This area of service leads the church in song on Sundays and manages the music, sound and production systems vital to the smooth execution of our worship services and other events. 

Children & Youth Ministries

Leader: Zion Tesfaye

Our children and youth programs exists to introduce them to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help them to live their whole lives in response. We do so by walking with them through their spiritual development--building Christ-centered relationships, teaching a Bible-centered curriculum, and participating in mission activities. If you love working with children or youth, consider putting your talents to work with Redeemer Kids or Redeemer Youth ministries. 


Leader: Brad MacEachern

We want our church grounds to be neat and tidy, and our building to be a warm and welcoming place for members and newcomers alike. If you are handy with a hammer or have a green thumb, we'd love your help with repairs, maintaining the building and parking lot, tending the garden, trees or lawn. 

Prayer Ministry

Leader: Vacant

We believe at Redeemer that when we pray God works in people's lives. Being a part of the prayer ministry entails belonging to a group of believers who know that God is in control, and anything we need, we can bring to God. If you need prayer for a specific issue, please call the church office at 613-837-9953 and your message will be relayed to the Prayer Ministry. If you'd like to join this ministry as part of the prayer chain, email the church. Remember, God answers prayer if we bring our needs to Him!


Interested in serving in any of these ministries? Click the "I'm Stepping Up" button to let us know:

Children & Youth Ministries

Serve Orléans

Show your heart for the community by volunteering for these activities

Serve the World

Find out how we're reaching out beyond our borders - and how you can help

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